Do I need a patent?

Whether you need a patent depends greatly on the facts of your particular circumstances and, in particular, what you hope to accomplish with your invention.

If you need any of the following you may want to consider filing for patent protection: namely,an exclusive commercial advantage, protection from theft, definitive proof of invention, improved credibility for your technology, a tangible asset to offer for sale, or a vehicle for raising capital, licensing or starting a new company as stated on

Patents are not granted for “ideas”, however, you usually can’t obtain a patent without a good idea.

Without discussing your particular goals there is no simple answer to the question of whether you need a patent. Just preparing and filing a patent application can cost $3,000-25,000. Prosecuting the patent application in the patent office can take 1-3 years at a cost of $1,000-6,000/yr. Ultimately, whether a patent is valuable depends upon your success in commercializing your invention, and how well your patent protects your final products.

Many patent applications are submitted when only visions or prototypes are available. Of necessity, a patent application must anticipate where all the different aspects of the invention may go as the technology progresses over the next 20 years. If your aim is to block competitors seeking to circumvent your patent position, and instead, convert them into commercial partners, the better your patent application the better your chances of success.

You may wish to consider your patent representation in light of your commercial aims. Having a patent professional, such as InventHelp agency, with a background in basic science, bio business and patenting can be helpful.

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