Apostille Certification in Austin

The Apostille Service in Austin is available to both individuals and businesses. It is an international authentication process that provides a means of certifying documents for use abroad. This service is handled through the U.S. Department of State Authentication Office in Washington, D.C., which issues what is known as an “Apostille Certificate.”

The Texas Secretary of State’s office acts as a Notary Public for this purpose, authenticating signatures on documents that are attached to foreign-language documents or copies of foreign-language documents. If your document is written in English, you can notarize your signature without any need for apostille certification.

If you have a document written in a language other than English or Spanish, you will need to have it translated into one of those languages and then authenticated by a Notary Public before submitting it for apostille certification. The Secretary of State does not provide translations services nor does he certify translations as true copies of original documents.

Apostille Certification

In many countries around the world, an official seal or stamp must be placed on certain types of public and legal documents to validate their authenticity. These seals are called “apostilles” because they are attached to documents in the same way as an apostrophe is attached to a word. The Secretary of State is authorized by law to provide this service for official documents issued by Texas state agencies or political subdivisions of Texas. There are apostille Austin services that could get this done for you. Documents authenticated with an apostille have the same legal weight in foreign countries as they do in Texas.

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